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  1. Q: What are "Virtual Books"?

    A: Virtual Books revolutionize the document management world. The ability to find, access, and make use of information quickly, easily and accurately distinguishes successful companies from their competitors. Regardless of the quality of its product, or how qualified its staff, if a company is not able to access its most important information effectively, it loses its competitive advantage.

    Using the D3C document conversion engine, employees can maintain and publish their documentation using tools they are already familiar with. In order to publish a document to the web, a user simply drags the document into a D3C folder. The D3C engine does the rest. Users now have the ability to produce "Web Ready" content in seconds.

    Personnel can update their online documents quickly and easily using D3C, ensuring that pertinent information is delivered in a timely manner. The bottlenecks that traditionally hamper the production and distribution of information are eliminated.

    The powerful natural language search tool allows customers and employees to pinpoint the information that they need with just a few clicks, and ensures that only the most up to date information is delivered. Instead of manually searching page after page, document after document for required information, the built-in search ranking tool accesses only the most pertinent information in milliseconds. Search results are highlighted within the documents for quick review.

    Huge volumes of information can be electronically converted to web-ready format, searched and easily accessed.

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