Doculaunch is an intuitive digital document solution for law professionals.
Increase productivity with better collaboration, workflows, and client interaction.



The Doculaunch Digital Content Management System provides long-term value to legal professionals by providing a simple way of streamlining complex processes. With Doculaunch, you can work with your entire team in real time (even remotely), share documents online, and collaborate together on an audited, fully secured document. Doculaunch lets you organize, collaborate, audit, and give access to the documents that your employees and clients need in a secure, online environment. Better still, Doculaunch creates a fully searchable HTML version of all your documents so you can find critical files and information from any device type using minimal bandwidth.

Completely Secure

All digital content including documents, images and video is stored in a secure cloud environment and accessible as either source files, or read-only converted HTML documents. Security is granular down to the folder and document level and the system can be configured with permissions to limit access to certain areas or departments. We use best-in-class technology and online security architectures to protect your documents against unnecessary duplication, loss, and unauthorized access. We have employed the strictest security standards and encryption technologies available to ensure that your documents are safely secured offline or in the cloud.


The Doculaunch System seamlessly syncs content between on premise, mobile access and the cloud and allows users to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Secure online editing means that an entire team can collaborate on a document in real time and every change made is fully tracked with an in depth audit trail. Because our software is accessible on any device type, files can be accessed remotely so your team doesn’t need to be in the same room to get things done. This unparalleled ease-of-access eliminates information silos and document and work duplication and redundancies.
The core of the solution is a document conversion engine module that indexes and converts typical document formats to HTML for web viewing in addition to storing the original source documents in their native format. The HTML published documents retain all original document formatting in a file size that is up to 400 times smaller. Multiple files can be combined into a single Case File Virtual Book that can be easily shared, annotated, and reviewed online. Every file in the system is completely searchable and there is no need to open documents to search for keywords or phrases.
Closed case files can be added individually, dragged and dropped, or scanned to the system via email or a secure WebDAV link. A bulk .zip file can also be added while retaining all original folder and subfolder structures. All content goes through an indexing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process upon ingestion to render documents fully searchable which ensures that you can always find the information you need even if it was accidentally misfiled. Printing of documents can be enabled or disabled and users can print a single page, a topic, or an entire manual at the click of a button. Our table of contents structuring allows for quick navigation of large documents, including compiled files in Virtual Books.

Work Smarter

Workflows can be developed to help manage all your processes and different document types can follow different lines of review, approval, and publishing. All documents are tracked and automatically updated ensuring only the most up-to-date materials are accessible.

System generated tasks and notifications can alert the appropriate personnel at each step of a workflow to ensure that all vital documentation is kept up to date.

Fully customizable document retention processes can be implemented including notification and confirmation processes to ensure the proper disposal of expired documents. This can be applied to case files, as well as your firm’s internal documentation.

This ensures that all documents remain in the system for their full lifecycle and once that lifecycle is complete, documents are properly disposed of.

Doculaunch users can access documents via the internet using any standard web browser, on any PC or mobile device. The platform is available as a secure hosted solution globally, or an on premise Enterprise level instance without the need for any additional client side software installation.

Your documents are accessible at any time, on any device, from anywhere around the globe.