Custom Workflows

Increase Productivity

Custom Workflows can automate redundant tasks within your firm, increasing the productivity of your entire team with a single click. These workflows are the best way to ensure the efficient management of all your files.

Role Based Tasks

Using roles and permissions in a workflow ensures that the right partners, clients and staff are always aware when their input it needed. Setting up roles means that the right people will always know their part at the right time.

Avoid Duplication

Implementing efficient custom workflows is the easiest way to avoid the unnecessary duplication of tasks, files and processes in your firm. With a custom workflow and system based notifications, every can contribute to a file when needed.

Put Your Workflows to Work

  1. A custom workflow lets you automatically assign tasks and approvals and each step of a case or matter's lifespan is fully tracked and tagged through to conclusion.
  2. With efficient workflows, you can make better allocate resources using fact based decisions supported by data because each task in a workflow is logged and each person understands their role.
  3. Efficient workflows allow you to get more productivity out of your current staff without having to spend thousands on the recruitment and training of new individuals to fill in gaps.
  4. Roles and permissions can increase productivity by supplementing a custom workflow allowing you to send notifications to team members when it is their time to get engaged in a case or matter.
  5. Workflows aren't just applicable to attorneys and paralegals, they can also be used by the administrative team to reduce the time wasted on non-billable administrative tasks and processes.

You are already using workflows, you just might not think about it. A workflow gets you from point A to Point B, it is the basic things you do throughout the day as you manage your matters, clients and office.

A good workflow ensures that steps get followed, matters get resolved and you get paid. A great workflow ensures that everyone involved in every step of a matter is able to work as intelligently and efficiently as possible.

Taking a workflow that is practiced in concept and converting it into a fully automated procedure increases efficiencies and profitability. Efficient automated workflows let you work smarter instead of harder.

A properly mapped workflow will show where a matter is at any given point and can alert various partners when they are needed, eliminating the need for time-wasting non-billable interactions.

In a modern law firm, lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff need to balance billable work and administrative tasks with ease. Striking the wrong balance means the firm is no longer profitable.

A lack of cohesive processes, controls and data can lead to costly errors and delays. Operational workflows help mitigate the risks and ensure that everyone knows exactly what is happening from day-to-day.

Working Online

Multiple people being able to work remotely on the same matter is essential to a successful firm.

A More Efficient Team

Ensure that you are getting the most out of your team by giving them the right tools.