Scanning and Digitization

Secure Storage

Storing your documents digitally doesn't only free up space in your office, but it ensures that your files are protected in the case loss or disaster. Doculaunch can store files both in the cloud, or locally.

Full Search Capabilities

Every file added to the Doculaunch system is fully searchable once it has been processed. All content can searched for individual terms or phrases, and search functionality can be supplemented with metadata.

Easy Digitizing

Files can be scanned and added straight to the system from an MFP via webdav or email. Once uploaded, scanned documents can easily be sorted and filed to their proper folder destination within the system.

Faster Filing

With a common Scan Inbox, multiple case files and matters can be scanned into the system and then filed in their appropriate folders from a single area. This streamlines the archiving process significantly.

Direct Email

Every folder that gets created has its own unique email and webdav address. This means that digital files can be added directly to the folder where they will be housed straight from your workstation.

Virtual Books

Multiple files, and file types, can be combined into a single HTML file that maintains all original formatting. These files can be shared via email with a secure link that can be retracted at any time.

Archiving Made Easy

  1. Digitizing your paper files creates a secure document repository and eliminates the risk of a file ever going missing. Files can be added with ease and can be scanned straight into the system. Many of our clients hire students to complete their digitization.
  2. Files can all be scanned to a single staging area and then filed to their eventual destination in the system. Additional metadata can be added to the files, and proper names or file IDs assigned prior to the final move. The filing process is very intuitive.
  3. Set Document Retention quickly and easily to ensure full compliance. By automating your document retention process, you can ensure that all your documents are disposed of (or retained) without any extra effort. Set a date, set a document type, and the system does the rest.