A Collaborative Workspace

Your Office Can Be Anywhere

With our unique suite of online services, your entire team can still collaborate on the same files no matter where they are in the world.

Real-time Collaboration

With secure online editing, an entire team can collaborate on a file in real time with a complete audit trail that tracks any changes.

Mobile and Tablet Access

Our efficient Document Management system ensures that all of your firm's essential files are available when, and where they are needed.

Annotated Document Reviews

Published HTML documents can be annotated with private or public comments, creating a simple way to review files as a team.

Custom Workflows

Improve overall efficiencies and reduce the potential for task duplication and unnecessary additional case management.

Share Files Securely

Files of any size can be shared securely and when required expiry dates can be applied to documents, or documents can be fully retracted.

Working Together More Efficiently

Reduce Paper Clutter

Legal departments today can efficiently manage documents, contracts, cases, and client files in a streamlined paperless environment.

Find Files Immediately

A single overlooked file could result in the failure to file a critical document and even jeopardize the outcome of a case.

Manage Files Efficiently

Efficient Document Management is the most important process for a law firm and a team of professional collborators.

Keep Everything Organized

Legal professionals amass volumes of affidavits, evidence, court documents and more during the planning of a single case.

  1. Scanning integration means that essential paper files can be scanned to the system, made seachable, and added to a case file with the touch of a button.
  2. Published files can be easily searched with or without metadata so an entire team can find and access essential documents and key information with ease.
  3. Eliminate the potential for lost and misfiled documents by keeping all your files and documentation in one easy-to-access collaborative space.
  4. Beacause your team can work from anywhere, multiple groups or even offices can collaborate on projects together, and can work remotely where required.
  5. Full audit trails track who made what changes to documentation and a robust versioning system means previous file version can be accessed if required.
  6. Permissions mean that you can set up granular access to all your documentation ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right files.
  7. Custom workflows will maximize your firm's performance, automate redundant processes and reduce file duplication, saving both time and money.