Why Doculaunch?

How It Works

Efficiently manage your past and existing case files.

The amount of paper that gets generated in the average year continues to soar and while that is part of doing business, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can’t argue that being able to find the files you need quickly is the key to a successful firm. Your time is money and you should spend it wisely. Being able to manage the information you generate is essential to running a successful firm.

It is estimated that in most corporate settings, up to 18% of all documents that get created also get misplaced at some point. As you know, this is a common occurrence in a busy law firm. Those misplaced files mean that people are wasting valuable time trying to find them. Being able to get the information you need, when you need it is paramount to an efficiently run firm.

In many law firms, shared hard drives, intranets, and email inboxes are easy places for files to get waylaid. Organizing all those files and information into a cohesive repository means that everyone within your firm is able to work at full efficiency. More to the point, without an effective means of managing your records, document retention and compliance becomes an even larger challenge.

Doculaunch is the ultimate solution to all of these challenges.

  1. ARCHIVING FILES: Archiving files is essential in a modern law firm. With Doculaunch’s one-touch scanning capabilities your historical records can be added quickly and easily. Digitized files become fully searchable meaning that you can find all matter of information quickly. Metadata can also be added to files to add a greater degree of search capability.
  2. NO MORE WASTED TIME: In a collaborative environment, it is easy for files to get misplaced when one individual is working on the paper files. By digitizing your active case load, anyone with permission to access the files will be able to do so, and any changes made to the document will be fully tracked and auditable so you will always know who did what, and when.
  3. Organize your documents, and your people.

    Document management is not just about documents, it’s about managing efficiencies across your entire organization. A properly planned document management strategy not only increases how efficiently your firm is able to operate, it improves the overall flow of information.

    Archiving historical records in Doculaunch is as simple as pressing a button on your scanner. All files can be sorted into folders and all content is 100% searchable. Retention policies can be applied to all historical documents as well, ensuring proper destruction schedules and compliance. It also means that you won’t have to contact a paper storage warehouse anytime you need to access a historical document.

    For active case files, Doculaunch ensures that anyone on your team who needs access to a document, and who has the authority to see a document can. Those without the correct permissions will not even know that a document exists ensuring complete privacy and security for all of your documentation.

    1. FULL SEARCH CAPABILITIES: Archiving is an important first step, but being able to find your documents and information is an essential part of the process. Doculaunch has full search capabilities by any combination of terms or words. The native search functionality can also be supplemented by adding metadata tags to your scanned document such as client names, matters, or record IDs.
    2. CONTROL ACCESS WITH SMART ROLES: There are a wide range of roles within a busy firm but that doesn’t mean that every employee should have access to every piece of information. With Smart Roles, individual employees can be assigned to specific cases, and HR and finance can have their own private corners of the system. It is extremely granular and very easy to manage.
    3. An environment that enriches collaboration.

      Documents filed to Doculaunch can be sorted and filed in a number of ways. Because the system is completely customizable, you could choose to file your documents in folders that have a client name, matter, or record ID – it is down to your personal preferences. Most of our clients choose to keep things as close to their existing filing standards as possible as this helps create a sense of familiarity for the users.

      Once you have an organized filing process in place, people can access essential knowledge in all kinds of ways. As long as consistent processes are in place, you will never have to worry about people being cut off from the files you need. If someone chooses to work on a file from home, that file will still be accessible to the people working in the office, and any changes made to a record are tracked and fully auditable. In fact, multiple people can collaborate on a file from multiple different locations and the changes will all be tracked and immediately visible to anyone with access to that document.

      Because your firm’s entire output is always accessible to those with permission, you will never have to worry about a misplaced file, or duplication of work again.

      Doculaunch also has an easy-template system so users can quickly and efficiently create a portfolio of required templates with the click of a button. Select the matter or case type and a folder will be created with all of the requisite templates that relate to that selection. This is a huge time-saver and removes a lot of the guess work for newer employees.

      1. VERSION CONTROL: A robust version control interface not only ensures that your associates are always working with the right version of a file, but it allows the ability to revert to a previous version of a document is needed This ensures that no important information is lost in the event of an accidental content deletion or overwrite.
      2. COLLABORATE TOGETHER, EVEN WHEN APART: Files stored in Doculaunch can be accessed from anywhere, on any device type. This ensures that all collaborators are able to fulfill their obligations no matter where they are in the world. Need a quick revisions from a partner whi is currently on vacation? Doculaunch can do that.
      3. Rigorous security, refined permissions.

        With Doculaunch, your firm will have far greater control over document security and accessibility. Confidential or sensitive documents can be made available to a specifically selected group of people, and that doesn’t just mean lawyers working on a case, it also applies to accounting, HR, and other departments who might be dealing with sensitive information. Assigning permissions is the easiest way to manage who has access to what types of information. If a user doesn’t have permission to see a file or folder, they won’t even know it’s there.

        Files can also be shared with external audiences including clients, other firms and more. Shared files can be set to expire on a certain date, or retracted at any time. There is also a redaction tool that can be used to safely hide any content that shouldn’t be seen by certain audiences while maintaining its original positioning within the document.

        1. CONTENT REDACTIONS: There might be times when you need to share part of a document with another party, but don’t necessarily want to alter the document at its source. Our easy Content Redaction Tool allows you to censor sensitive information easily, without having to save and distribute a new version of the file.
        2. EASY SHARED DOCUMENT RETRACTIONS: Sharing an HTML version of a file (or files) via email has never been easier. With Doculaunch’s WebDocs, you can share the information required via secure email and the link to the file can be set to expire on a certain date, or retracted at any time to ensure that there won’t be any copies left out in the wild.

Doculaunch is an intuitive digital document solution for law professionals.
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