Safely Remove Content

A robust PDF redaction library safely removes text, graphics, and images from your files quickly and easily, ensuring that secure information is protected.

Automated Redactions

Create lists of terms that can be automatically redacted from documents in real-time so you don’t need to worry about confidential information getting shared.

User Type Redactions

Different types of information can be redacted for different user types ensuring that every viewer of a document is only privy to the information meant for them.

Metadata Redactions

Metadata applied to files can be just as important to the redaction process as the contents of a file - this key information can also be removed automatically.

Smart Redacting

Forms and document templates can be created to simplify the redaction process by tagging fields by category and creating rules related to the individual fields.

Categorized Redactions

Form and document templates can be categorized to make it simple and easy to create redaction rules relating to specific tagged category areas in a file.

The Benefits of Smart Redaction

  1. Our Redaction tool blocks sensitive information so that only a black line will show in the front-end. This process ensures that redacted material is deleted and the redacted area becomes an image so people won't be able to extract the information.
  2. Content redactions allow you to censor sensitive information within a document for legal or security purposes ensuring that client or employee information is always protected. Redactions can be removed at any time to return a document to its native state.
  3. Smart Redactions let you limit what information is available in a document ensuring that vital and confidential information is always protected and secure. Digital redactions mean that the content is still there, just protected and accessible to only the right people.
  4. Specific user types can be given access to specific information within a file ensuring that the right people are seeing the right information. With one master document, individual users could be presented with different pieces of information within a file.
  5. The ability to digitally redact content at a granular level means that only one master document needs to be maintained ensuring consistent content management. This prevents the unnecessary duplication of files and improves the time management and workload of your team.
  6. Having a single master document that communicates different information to different user types reduces the need for document duplication. A single master file can be presented to different audiences with different information accessible to each audience.