Document Retention

Reduce Clutter

Clutter is inevitable in a busy law firm but it can reduce productivity and increase stress A good document retention policy can help reduce clutter and ensure that key information is always accessible.

Increased Efficiency

In most busy firms, it can be easy to overlook files and matters that are due for destruction, in particular if those files are being stored offsite. Online Document Retention helps remove those challenges.

Cost Savings

There are storage costs associated with maintaining unnecessary records including office space, filing cabinets, hard drives, and off-site storage. A retention plan will ensure documents are destroyed on schedule.

Data Protection

Not only does a document retention policy ensure legal compliance with various regulations, but it can also ensure that documents are always protected for the right amount of time legally, or in perpetuity.

What Expires When

With an effective digital retention policy in place, you will always know exactly when your documents are due for destruction. Different retention policies can easily be assigned to different file types.

Automated Process

With an automated retention workflow, you will no longer need to manage the document retention process. Simply assign a date, apply the relevant policy and the Doculaunch system will manage the rest.