What Do I Need To Know About Document Management Systems?

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  1. Q: How Do I Use a Document Management System?

    A: How you use Doculaunch is entirely up to you.  Many of our clients use it primarily as a secure digital archive for their paper files.  All content added into the system becomes fully searchable ensuring that all of your important files are immediately accessible without having to sort through a pile of folders, a string of emails, or contacting your off-site file storage company.  There are many customization options available to ensure that the solution you set up does everything that you need it to.

  2. Q: What Does Document Management Mean?

    A: Document Management is about so much more than just the act of managing your documents.  The Doculaunch Document Management System provides increased convenience, peace of mind, and profitability by automating redundant processes, freeing up space in an already crowded law firm, and improving overall efficiencies for staff and your day-to-day processes.  Legal documents need careful management to ensure they are compliant with industry regulations and standards and Doculaunch can help automate those processes. 

  3. Q: Why Do Some Document Management Projects Fail?

    A: The biggest challenge of initiating a new Document Management System is ensuring buy-in from the people who will be using it.  It is important that you create a shift in culture.  People tend to have a set way of doing things and embracing change can be difficult, even if the end result is a process that is in fact much easier to manage.  Communicating the benefits of the Document Management System to the people who will be using it, and creating that internal culture shift is important.

  4. Q: If There Is A Cost For Doclaunch, How Does That Result In Savings?

    A: An efficient Document Management System increases efficiencies in your firm while reducing operating expenses and the risk of noncompliance.  With a fully searchable digital environment, you are not only reducing the amount of time that gets spent searching for paper files, but you also reducing the amount of paper copies that get generated throughout a typical case file.  There will still be paper versions, but you can generate your initial files in the digital environment.  This all but eliminates the risk of lost or misplaced files.  By incentivizing employees to change paper-dependent behavior and embracing a digital environment, the ROI of a Doculaunch System is almost immediate.

  5. Q: How Exactly Does Doculaunch Improve Efficiencies?

    A: Every year, an average legal firm will handle thousands of paper and digital documents.  Paper processes can be improved significantly with Doculaunch creating cost and time efficiencies, and enabling staff to focus on high-value activities.  Legal firms can significantly benefit from technology-supported processes and workflow automation and effective legal document practices, policies, and procedures will result in greater efficiency and the potential for an increase in billable hours.

  6. Q: Is Doculaunch Secure and Will My Files Be Protected? 

    A: Lawyers have an obligation to ensure client confidentiality is maintained at all times, including in the way that their files are managed.  There is also a heightened risk of disclosure in certain business structures (e.g., multi-discipline practices, affiliations, or civil society organizations), and practice arrangements (e.g., working from home or sharing office space) and safeguards must be implemented.  Doculaunch has a robust Permissions System ensuring that the only people who can access a file, are the ones who should be able to.

  7. Q: What Are “Virtual Books” And What Makes Them Unique?

    A: Virtual Books revolutionize the document management world. The ability to find, access, and make use of information quickly, easily, and accurately can distinguish a successful law firm from their competitors. Regardless of the quality of its product, or how qualified its staff, if a firm is not able to access its most important files effectively, it loses its competitive advantage.
    Using the D3C document conversion engine, employees can maintain and publish their documentation using tools they are already familiar with. In order to publish a document to the web, a user simply drags the document into a D3C folder. The D3C engine does the rest and users now have the ability to produce secure "web ready" content in seconds.
    Personnel can update their online documents quickly and easily using D3C, ensuring that pertinent information is delivered in a timely manner. The bottlenecks that traditionally hamper the production and distribution of information are eliminated.
    The powerful natural language search tool allows both lawyers and clients to pinpoint the information that they need with just a few clicks, and ensures that only the most up to date information is delivered. Instead of manually searching page after page, document after document for required information, the built-in search ranking tool accesses only the most pertinent information in milliseconds and search results are highlighted within the documents for quick access and review.  With Virtual Books, huge volumes of information, including entire cases, can be electronically converted to web-ready format, searched and easily accessed.

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